Sun, 5th November 2023
Berkhamsted Town Hall
196 High Street
Berkhamsted HP4 3AP
from 10.00AM – 7.00PM

Armando Iannucci - 11.05

Armando Iannucci - 11.05

Armando will be in converstion with Robin Ince. The session starts at 11.05am  

Armando Iannucci is a writer and broadcaster who has written, directed and produced numerous critically acclaimed films, television and radio comedy shows.

Armando's screenplay for the film 'In The Loop' was nominated for an Oscar at the Academy Awards. His iconic series for the BBC – 'The Thick of It' – was nominated for 13 BAFTA Awards, winning 5 during its four series run. Among his own award-winning shows, he is also the co-creator and writer of the popular Steve Coogan character Alan Partridge.

Armando's HBO comedy 'Veep' has picked up numerous awards, including four Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series over the last four years. His film adaptation of Charles Dickens' 'The Personal History of David Copperfield' was released in January 2020, which has won numerous awards including Best screenplay at the WGBA and Best Screenplay at BIFA, and was also nominated for a Golden Globe, and won a 'Seal Distinction' from the US Critics' Choice Association.

In 2017 he published 'Hear Me Out', a new book on classical music, and released the feature film 'The Death of Stalin', which was nominated for 2 BAFTAs and won Best Comedy at the European Film Awards.

His latest HBO series, 'Avenue 5', which stars Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad, aired on SKY in January 2020, and he is currently in post-production for the second series.

Presently Armando is writing a stage adaptation of Stanley Kubrick’s apocalyptic Cold War comedy film Dr Strangelove.

"As a story, weirdly it hasn't gone away," Iannucci told BBC News.

"It seems the right time to remind people of the mad logic behind these dangerous games that superpowers play."

The show will be staged in London's West End next autumn, co-written and directed by double Olivier Award winner Sean Foley.

Iannucci joked: "In these sad times, what better way to cheer the nation up than a stage show about the end of the world."

Iannucci added: "Not just with the war in Ukraine, but also the whole apocalyptic sense of global warming and so on - it feels like a very relevant reassertion of the message that, this is the madness staring at us if we don't do anything about it.

"And currently, we aren't doing anything about it. So the outcome is not good.

"But if you can leave the theatre with that message and a smile, then all the better."

The pair have decided to keep the story set in the 60s, and Iannucci said it would feel both "retro" in its setting, and up-to-date with some of his trademark dialogue.

"It's got one foot in the 60s and one foot in the present day," he said.

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